Note: The manuals below are different from the e-book.


Unsolicited feedback on the manuals:

  • "Our vaccine waiver was approved . . . your manual . . . was invaluable. We avoided all the pitfalls you mentioned
    and I feel like my husband and I were able to write an airtight affidavit because of your manual." HA

  • "I am writing to let you know that my vaccine letter was approved! I am so happy that I read your manual.
    It helped me so much to craft a solid letter for my employer. Thank you so MUCH for your help with this!!

  • "My Green Card was approved . . . Needless to say I am very thankful to you  . . . I am sure, without the manual I would not
    have been able to write such a strong and assertive letter and gotten my waiver approved so fast. Thank you thank you thank you!"  GS