by Alan Phillips, J.D.
Vaccine Rights Legal Expert
[~685 words, 2-3 min read. Revised Feb 2021]

     The vaccines are here. Mandates are starting…

     We’ve seen the progression before, most recently with healthcare worker flu shots: 1) offer; 2) recommend; 3) pressure; 4) require. But while vaccinating the public in phases is a supply and distribution requirement, it’s also a manipulation tactic. Just as “two weeks to flatten the curve” was the first step of a preplanned long-term lockdown, the vaccine plan is to vaccinate everyone. This will be achieved in stages, going from the least resistant to the most resistant. When only hard-core refusers remain, the frightened vaccinated masses will demand that the remaining holdouts be force-vaccinated. The elite can accomplish just about anything if they break it down into small enough steps. And so, vaccination of the entire human race has begun.

     Emergency mandates don’t come with religious or philosophical exemptions, and violating emergency health orders can get you fined and jailed in some places. “Defiance to the end” may be the plan of last resort for some, but martyrdom only adds suffering, it doesn’t actually fix anything. And there aren’t any legal “outs” for this one, folks. The myriad of Internet “exemptions” are disinformation, tools for controlling the aware community. They are designed to give us a false sense of security, to render us passive at a time when the exact opposite has never been more critically needed. [see disinformation article]

     Those who “suicide” holistic doctors with impunity also bribe legislators and coerce judges; they “own” politicians and other people of influence. They also control the primary information systems—mainstream media, social media, most of alternative media, educational institutions, government health agencies...
     You can’t beat that kind of power with facts. The systems we work in are broken, controlled by people who freely impose unscientific and illegal outcomes as needed, with no barriers or accountability for them. They are not deterred by objective reality. Truth is suppressed; false narratives widely disseminated using sophisticated propaganda. Public perception is successfully manipulated, our activism work effectively contained. Powerful elite simply do whatever is needed to ensure that nothing we do stops them. That’s why decades of ever-greater activism work has been met with an accelerating pharma agenda. Put simply, Power Beats Truth.

     Yet, we carry on, doing more of the same expecting a different result. We scream our truth, believing this will unlock our jail cell door. When it doesn’t, we scream louder; yet the door remains firmly shut. Truth matters, of course, it just turns out that it’s not the key to the cell door. Something different is required. We can’t fix this with yet another scientific study, lawsuit, or legislative activism. More screaming won’t open the cell door. We must look elsewhere for the key, find Power’s vulnerability.
     If the solution was obvious, we’d have fixed this long ago. But while the key lies outside the cell, it is within our reach. We don't see it, though, because it's outside of our field of view, hidden behind a wall of perception manipulation. Seeing it, then, requires shifting our perception, breaking free from the manipulation, to bring the solution into view. But that's not an intellectual process; it’s a psychological process. That’s why years of analysis hasn’t fixed the problem.

     The key to the door isn’t truth, it’s a change to our psychological world view, a shift in perception that, once achieved, enables us to access the key and set the truth free. Absent that shift, we’re destined to continue seeking ever more creative ways to “scream” that will continue to have no effect on the cell door, leaving us ever more anxious and confused as to why the door hasn’t budged. But the solution isn’t to stop screaming, it’s to open the cell door and set the truth free, so the screams are finally heard, so they finally get the traction needed to break free. This requires something completely new and different, an “out-of-the-box” solution.

     We Woke Up to the Problem. Now, We Must Wake Up to the Solution.


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