Psychological Manipulation Explained

By Alan Phillips, J.D.

Vaccine Rights Legal Expert

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Perception-manipulation hides problems from the general public, and solutions from aware communities. Here’s an overview of how it works.


Perception, our psychological world view, is the “box” within which all of our conscious thoughts, beliefs and actions take place. It is driven by subconscious emotions, not our conscious intellects. This doesn’t mean that our rational thinking is emotional. Rather, subconscious emotions create the “box” or framework within which our conscious reasoning takes place. It determines the scope of the information that reaches our conscious intellects for processing, what portion of reality reaches our conscious minds. So, those seeking to control others’ perceptions target the subconscious, the emotional roots of our perception.


As perception-manipulation operates from the subconscious, manipulation victims don’t realize they’ve been manipulated; and as it operates on an emotional layer, the conscious intellect provides no protective shield. Perception-manipulation completely bypasses the conscious intellect. Indeed, those with powerful intellects may even be easier to manipulate. The fastest fish gets the bait—and the hook! But the main point is that intellectual intelligence doesn’t prevent you from being manipulated. While the conscious intellect is affected by perception manipulation—it’s field of view can be constrained—the manipulation itself stems from subconscious emotions. So, a conscious belief that you can’t be manipulated doesn’t protect you any more than a belief that it’s safe to exceed the speed limit would make speeding safe. But being aware that you can and thus might be manipulated does give you a much better chance of avoiding manipulation, and of undoing it should you discover that you have been manipulated.


Hundreds of thousands of medical doctors in the U.S. believe that vaccines are safe and effective. They aren’t stupid; they are psychologically manipulated. The question isn’t, “How can they be so stupid!?”, it’s “How does psychological manipulation get brilliant people to believe false information?!” Clearly, the manipulation is very effective. Here’s how it works:


1. Medical students are told, by trusted authorities, that vaccines are safe and effective. They are given no conflicting information, so it is readily believed. Indeed, accepting what you’re told in medical school is the ticket to admission to an elite club of highly respected, highly paid authorities. So, there is strong incentive to believe what you’re told in medical school, to cooperate fully without making waves.


2. Then, medical students are shown graphic pictures of children dying from the childhood infectious diseases. This ties the (accepted) false narrative to a powerful negative emotion: the fear of death. The result is a conscious belief in a false narrative that is anchored to a powerful subconscious negative emotion.


3. Years later, a young parent innocently questions vaccine safety with her child’s pediatrician. The question effectively challenges the doctor’s narrative. This triggers the subconscious fear, evoking an anger response directed at the parent.


This is a programmed response, but it’s operation is subconscious, so the doctor is unaware of what’s actually taking place. On the conscious level, the doctor’s position is perfectly logical to her (vaccines prevent those horrible diseases), so any opposing view is, necessarily, illogical, and thus unworthy of any serious consideration. Indeed, the doctor would risk ridicule if she actually spent time looking further. This provide additional emotion-based incentive to avoid the issue.


The doctor’s anger at the parent is not the end result of a rational analysis of the situation at hand; it was a triggered, emotional response that occurred with no conscious forethought. The doctor isn’t immature or unprofessional generally, though this particular reaction might be. So, the doctor rationalizes in her conscious mind that the “irresponsible” parent “deserved” the angry reprimand. This rationalization justifies, and thus defends, the otherwise inappropriate emotional response, but after the fact, as the response was a reaction, not a planned event. Perhaps more importantly, the emotional response and rationalization serve as a barrier that keeps the doctor from ever reaching anti-vaccine information; she literally screens out facts. So, the doctor never has the opportunity to consider, objectively and fairly, information contradicting her false narrative. The doctor isn’t a bad person, and she certainly isn’t stupid. She’s brilliantly manipulated.


Since the parent’s view contradicts the doctors “rational” and “authoritative” view, it is, necessarily, illogical, and thus not worthy of consideration or review. Do you get this? The doctor is actively rejecting—literally screening out—truthful information. This is not by accident; it’s how big pharma protects its turf, how pharma hides its criminal vaccine agenda.


Unknown to the doctor, her rationalization is driven by a powerful, subconscious fear of death, which may branch off into a variety of other fears such as fear of being liable for an unvaccinated a patient’s illness or death, fear of peer ridicule, fear of career harm. The subconscious fear actively prevents real facts from reaching the doctor’s conscious intellect.


This is how good people, even brilliant ones, can me made to support evil agendas, enabling small numbers of powerful people to control entire societies.


Let’s zoom out and look at this on the macro level. The elite need only two things to advance criminal agendas throughout entire populations with minimal opposition: 1) Mastery of psychology, and 2) Control of information flow. The latter is the delivery system for the former. Weaponized psychology is deployed through society’s primary information systems. This “social engineering” tool has two facets: 1) the suppression of truth—the elimination or confinement of all factual information that could undermine the false narrative; and 2) the deployment of false narratives via perception manipulation (causing them to be believed and even aggressively defended as discussed above). Vaccine truth is suppressed—discredited, confined to very small audiences, or excluded entirely—throughout mainstream media, social media, health agencies, educational institutions, health authorities, health agency websites, etc. The resulting void is quickly filled with the broad dissemination of vaccine lies, laced with fear to control perception, throughout these same systems. The result is persistent, long-term narrative control that provides the cover necessary to advance underlying criminal agendas hidden by a solid cover, a fake health agenda. The hidden criminal agendas include the use of vaccines to “manufacture” 10’s of thousands of new, vaccine-induced chronic illnesses every year in the U.S. (if not more), creating an enormous, ever-growing pool of life-long customers for other pharmaceutical products. The magnitude of this operation and the resulting profits are staggering. At the risk of complementing evil, those driving the agenda are brilliant and highly effective—and, of course, psychopathic or sociopathic.


So yes, psychology beats truth. And it goes beyond merely controlling beliefs; it can evoke negative behavior in defense of the false narratives. On the milder end of the spectrum, a polite pediatrician turns angry when a parent asks a reasonable vaccine question. Typically, the response is an agry raised voice, sometimes yelling. The doctor is not immature or unprofessional, generally; she is a victim of a programmed response that is invisible to her, operating from subconscious emotions. She believes she is protecting her patient and society, when in reality, she is has been masterfully manipulated into supporting a massive criminal agenda. Psychology beats truth. In the end, it’s really that simple. And it’s very effective.


At the other end of the triggered-defense spectrum, someone in the Philippines was reportedly shot and killed for not wearing a face mask. Just like the pediatrician, the killer likely believed his actions were justified, that he was compelled to punish the “crazy” mask-less person whose “stupidity” risked his and others’ lives. The killer’s subconscious fear of death was triggered when the false mask narrative was “challenged” by someone’s not wearing a mask; and the reaction—clearly not the end result of a calm, objective review of available information—was extreme. Fear blocks any information opposing one’s current perceptions. And when an emotion as powerful as the fear of death is triggered, we can expect that violent responses to be a real possibility. A person overcome with a strong, triggered, negative emotions is not available for a calm rational discussion. Negative emotions easily overpower the rational mind. Psychology beats truth. This doesn’t diminish the critical importance of truth one iota, but it attests powerfully to the need for something more than truth alone to fix the problem.

Bringing this full circle requires two more steps. First, when new information is presented that falls within the recipient’s current perceptual framework, it is readily processed by the conscious intellect. But if falls outside of the recipient’s perceptual framework, one of three things happens: 1) it is rejected (e.g., when a pediatrician yells at a parent for questioning vaccines); 2) it is skewed to “force-fit” the current perception; or, 3) it is readily processed if the perceptual framework shifts or expands to encompass the new information. The latter can result, e.g., from severe psychological trauma (as the author knows first-hand), or be a subtle as an “aha!” moment when everything just “clicks into place” for “some reason.”


The final piece of the perception-manipulation puzzle is the fact that aware communities are also manipulation victims, even more so than the sleepers. They have to be, because only they pose a direct threat to the criminal agendas. While it’s difficult to put awake people back to sleep regarding the problems they’ve already woken up to, real solutions to those problems can still be hidden from them. This is why decades of ever-greater activism work have been met by an accelerating pharma agenda, continually rising vaccine deaths and disabilities. The same tactics used to hide the problem from brilliant medical doctors and the general public are used to hide effective solutions from the aware community. In both situations, the fix is the same: the manipulated perception that screens out critical information must be shifted to enable the conscious intellect to reach, to “see,” and process the “hidden” information. This is not an intellectual process. Indeed, most with strong intellects are particularly resistant to the process, as our intellects, our egos, demand to be in control (we all have egos, it’s just human nature). When our intellects try to control this non-intellectual process—a normal response with most egos—this can block the process. Thus, we continue to work, year after year, within a perceptual frame of reference that doesn’t contain the solution. The result is that years of ever-greater activism work are met by an accelerating pharma agenda, with us being confused as to what to do about it.

Perception manipulation has no shape, size, color, texture, or weight, so it can’t be directly experienced. You are not free from perception manipulation by the mere declaration “I’m am not manipulated!” It operates on the subconscious, so how would you know? You can’t know, directly; but you can see it indirectly using simple deductive reasoning, following a careful review of the objective indicators. Our ever-greater activism work has been accompanied by ever-increasing vaccine profits, number of vaccines administered, vaccine deaths and disabilities, VICP payouts, VAERS reports, trampling of rights with no accountability, etc. These objective indicators keep rising despite our best efforts. So, clearly, we are all missing something. We do greater work, pharma goes faster. There’s your proof—we, the aware community, are clearly controlled, held in check, so that whatever we do, it doesn’t stop them.


We Woke Up to the Problem; Now, We Must Wake Up to the Solution.


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