By Alan Phillips, J.D.
Vaccine Rights Legal Expert
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A recent Internet meme proclaimed: “The pro-vax community acts out of fear, but we act out of knowledge!” Kind of sums it up, right? Well no, actually, it doesn’t. And if your reaction was the same as mine—self-righteous agreement with this “obvious reality,” congratulations: You, like me, just demonstrated the manipulation of the aware community. Stay with me, folks. This is tricky, but it goes to the very heart of the entire controversy.

Questions of vaccine safety and effectiveness were resolved long ago. Spoiler alert: They’re neither safe nor effective. 10,000 studies prove this. I welcome new studies, but the barrier between the aware community and a real solution now is not biological, it’s psychological. Here’s a quick overview:

• We engage in conscious behavior according to what looks logical to us.

• The appearance of “logical” is governed by perception.

• Perception is rooted in subconscious emotions. (This may seem counterintuitive, but it’s basic psychology.)

• Perception can be manipulated. The manipulation operates on the subconscious emotions that drive conscious-level perception.

• Perception manipulation, operating on the subconscious, is invisible. Our rational minds don’t get to decide whether we can be, or are, manipulated.

• The manipulation, being subconscious, operates automatically. You can’t intervene in a process you can’t see and don’t know is happening.

• The conscious mind provides no shield to subconscious manipulation. People with advanced degrees are just as vulnerable as everyone else.

There is power in our truth, but our adversaries have something more powerful: Psychology. And it’s the only weapon that hides its own use.

If this doesn’t scare you, you’re not listening.

We, the aware, are the only ones who see the problem, so we’re the only ones trying to fix it. That makes us the only ones who pose a direct threat to pharma. For pharma to advance its agenda, then, our shouts must be suppressed, our activism work contained or managed. And their most powerful control tool is psychological manipulation. It hides the problem from the masses and real solutions from us. But while the targets are different for each community, the underlying psychology is the same. Here’s how it works:

Manipulating populations requires mastery of psychology and control of information flow—the latter, as manipulation is deployed through the dissemination of information. Control of the masses is accomplished primarily through mainstream media while control of aware communities operates through both mainstream and alternative media. These and other information delivery systems are used to obscure truth and implant false narratives in the minds of the target audiences. With the masses, implanting false narratives works like this:

First, truth is categorically excluded from all primary information delivery systems. This step alone limits truth to small portions of society. Truth is contained; it never reaches most people at all.

Excluding truth creates an information void that is filled with false narratives, the lies they want us to believe. But false information alone doesn’t control minds; two additional elements are needed. First, false narratives are delivered by people we are taught to trust blindly: politicians, experts, authorities, journalists, famous movie stars and athletes, etc. False narratives coming from credible people, with no conflicting truths to get in the way, are fully accepted by most people.

But lies are always at risk of being exposed. To remain firmly in place, false narratives must resist conflicting truths. To accomplish this, false narratives are delivered in a manner designed to elicit fear. With vaccines, the target fear is fear of disease death. Disease risks are exaggerated, the lies sensationalized to trigger a fear response. But the fear—and this is key—is primarily subconscious, where it operates unseen and thus unchallenged.

A false vaccine narrative, effectively deployed, leaves its victims with false information that is believed on the conscious level and anchored to a fear of death on the subconscious level. These two components operate as a single unit. But the conscious beliefs have little effect on the associated subconscious fear. To the contrary, the subconscious fear drives the operation of the conscious intellect, including what appears logical. We mistakenly assume that “logical” is a purely rational process because we're not aware of the driving subconscious feelings. But conscious beliefs, however logical they may appear, arise from subconscious emotions.

When a false vaccine narrative encounters a conflicting truth, that conflict triggers the narrative’s anchoring subconscious fear of death, “sounding the alarm.” Truth, conflicting with the false narrative, threatens the manipulation victim’s life on a subconscious emotional level. But emotions don’t think logically, they just react; and the fear, being subconscious, is invisible to the conscious intellect, so the process is automatic. The unseen fear drives conscious level action to “protect” the manipulation victim from our “life threatening” facts. This protective reflex action starts with rationales defending the false narrative such as, “you’re crazy,” “you’re putting everyone else at risk,” and “you’re going to kill us all.” Physical action may follow as needed to address the “threat.” Our survival instincts require us to avoid survival threats if possible, or to eliminate them when necessary. So, many pro-vaxxers flat out refuse to even look at our “crazy” information. As the driving fear is subconscious, the victim sees only the conscious rationales, so their views appear perfectly logical to them. But then, what could be more logical than saving your own life? Survival trumps all. Indeed, pro-vaxxers’ views and actions are perfectly logical to their manipulated perceptual frame of reference. They aren’t stupid or careless; they’re brilliantly manipulated, covertly programmed to think and act in accordance with the manipulators’ agenda.

This raises an important point: The appearance of “logical” is relative to each person’s perceptual frame of reference. “Logical” is not an outside objective condition that’s the same for everyone. We mistakenly think it is because we don’t see the driving subconscious emotions, and because there’s a huge overlap in our perceptions. We can all agree what day it is, this is a song on the radio, that is a cat with kittens, honesty is a virtue. But each person’s perceptions are ultimately unique. No two people have the exact same beliefs. Yet, each person’s view of reality looks perfectly logical to them, in strict accordance with their unique perceptions. Control a person’s perceptions, then, and you control what looks logical to them; and from there, all associated conscious behaviors. The often-extreme behavior of pro-vaxxers isn’t strange at all; it’s the predictable end-result of the deliberate manipulation of our natural psychological defense mechanism.

There may be other fears involved such as a fear of ridicule, losing one’s job, or alienating friends and relatives. “Group think” exerts a powerful fear influence, too, a holdover from more primitive times when exclusion from the group could mean certain death. Most people will automatically suppress rational thinking if it risks rejection from an important group. Groups enhance survival, so when fear is triggered, we instinctively gravitate to a like-minded group for safety. But these various fears all work essentially the same way: Subconscious fear drives conscious-level perception, and conscious perception drives conscious behavior; and all of this together comprises an automatic psychological self-defense mechanism that savvy manipulators have co-opted for their own nefarious purposes. We’ll never awaken the masses, then, until we address this powerful subconscious fear of death that literally pushes away truth to survive. Raising awareness requires more than just presenting facts—a lot more.

Finally, when our psychological defense mechanism is triggered, the classic “fight or flight” response is activated. All available energy is redirected to the impending physical fight or flight, away from rational thought processes. When survival could depend on how powerfully you fight or how fast you run away, there’s no time for analysis; you need all available energy to your arm and leg muscles for immediate action. Rational thinking is suppressed, effectively put on hold. Indeed, if you can keep people in a perpetual state of fear and anxiety by continually bombarding them with fear-laced information, they’ll never fully analyze the situation—not because they’re stupid or careless, but because they can’t until “fight or flight” is deactivated. This mechanism probably served us well in more primitive times, but in modern times, manipulators take advantage of it to our detriment. Society has evolved more quickly than our psyches have evolved to keep up, and that has left us vulnerable.

And it works on us, too.

They can’t put us back to sleep on the problem, or surely they’d have done so by now. But they can and do keep us asleep to real solutions. Here’s how it works with us:

The underlying psychology is the same in both communities, but with a key difference: We operate from a different fear. At some point, we realized that vaccines injure and kill. From that point on, our fear of disease death was supplemented with a fear of vaccine death. Like pro-vaxxers, our fear operates subconsciously. But our new fear expanded our perceptual frame of reference, enabling our conscious minds to reach and process a larger set of information. Indeed, the fear of vaccine harm requires us to process anti-vaccine information for our own (subconscious emotional) survival, just as pro-vaxxers’ implanted fear prevents them from doing so for their survival. The mechanism is the same for all, we just reach different conclusions due to different operating fears. We have the more informed view, of course, but each communities’ views look perfectly logical to them, consistent with their perceptual frame of reference. Indeed, everyone’s view of reality looks logical to them. The enormous variety of beliefs throughout humanity reflects the multitude of variations in people’s unique perceptual frameworks. Two equally intelligent people can hold radically different beliefs; and each sees the other’s different beliefs as faulty—illogical or erroneous.

This raises another important point: Perception manipulation doesn’t diminish a person’s intellectual ability (though the elite are, separately, dumbing down society). There are children who understand that vaccines aren’t safe or effective, yet most brilliant medical doctors still don’t. It’s not about the power of our intellects. The world’s most powerful oil drill isn’t any less powerful for drilling where there’s no oil, but it will come up empty-handed. Everyone's views look logical to them.

One final piece: Perception is not inflexible, but it is generally quite rigid. That rigidity provides continuity in our day-to-day experience of reality. Perception continuity is necessary for psychological stability—for continuous control, for survival. If you ever fainted, you were disoriented when you woke up because there was a break in perception continuity, a gap between what you last recalled before passing out and what you first experienced upon coming to. The disorientation triggers fear, because perception gaps leave us vulnerable, out of control; and loss of control is a survival threat. The triggered fear is subconscious, as our conscious minds must focus externally when survival is threatened. But the fear is what activates the rational mind to take immediate protective action. The conscious mind seeks to reestablish continuity as quickly as possible, to regain control, to identify and deal with any immediate survival threats posed by the temporary loss of continuity. This is our natural psychological self-defense mechanism at work. The subconscious-thus-automatic emotional component enables survival threats to be addressed immediately with no precious time lost to analytical processing. Unfortunately, this system can be activated from the outside with fake or exaggerated survival threats to generate “protective” physical action that unwittingly supports the goal of malevolent manipulators.

Since perception gaps pose a survival threat, we naturally resist anything that risks one. For this reason, all personal belief systems are self-validating. Defending a current belief system maintains perception continuity, thereby enhancing survival. All conflicting beliefs, then, pose a survival threat to one degree or another. This causes our own beliefs to appear logical and different beliefs to appear illogical or erroneous—again, for our own survival on a subconscious emotional level. So, we naturally resist different beliefs. The level of resistance is proportional to the size of the “threat.” The greater the difference in beliefs, the greater the subconscious emotional fear response; and the greater that fear response, the more extreme the resulting conscious-level defensive actions may be. Such actions are generated, however unwittingly, to quell the discomforting subconscious fear by resolving the threat. On the lighter end of the spectrum, we may ridicule or make fun of people with different beliefs, privately or publicly. On the more extreme end, we may verbally or even physically assault people with opposing beliefs. When perceptions are effectively manipulated, extreme negative behaviors can be “manufactured.” People can be unwittingly seduced into “voluntarily” rioting or even going to war. And since everyone’s beliefs look logical to them (manipulated or not), even the most extreme behaviors are justified in the minds of the actors, no matter how illogical they may appear to an outsider with a different perceptual frame of reference. Again, these people are not stupid; they are masterfully manipulated.

Survival threats trigger fear. Fear is uncomfortable, and for a good reason. The discomfort, the negative feeling, is a warning signal that activates the conscious mind to take self-protective action. On the flip side, when we encounter beliefs similar to our own, we feel comfortable, because like-beliefs enhance survival. The comfort of similar beliefs supports emotional bonds that invite the formation of groups, and there’s safety in numbers. Our survival instincts associate survival risks with discomfort and safety with comfort, as each drives survival-enhancing behavior accordingly. It’s possible to override this automatic system if we are aware of the underlying feelings, but that’s rare. The default state is the continuous, automatic operation of this system which, being automatic, drives a substantial portion of human behavior.

The disorientation following a momentary lapse in perception is easily remedied if perception continuity can be reestablished quickly, the gap “filled” or explained. “Oh—I passed out. I’m safe now” (when that’s the case, of course). But some events impose a large, uninvited perception gap, thereby forcing a radical, unexpected change in beliefs; and such events can cause severe emotional trauma. This can occur, for example, when a perfectly intelligent, caring parent does the “obvious right thing” by getting her new baby vaccinated, only to lose her baby to a severe vaccine reaction. The “obvious and unquestionable” old vaccine beliefs are abruptly and forcefully overridden by new, radically different beliefs about vaccine dangers. On the conscious level, new information is acquired. But for the conscious mind to fully process and accept such radically different beliefs, a major restructuring of the underlying subconscious emotional defense system is required. Our psyches resist radical belief changes, to maintain perception continuity, the continuous control needed for survival. And pro-vaccine beliefs are anchored to a powerful subconscious fear-of-disease-death that operates to protect the believer’s life from vaccine truth. Immense power is needed to forcefully override that system. So, when an unsuspecting parent loses a child to a vaccine and a radically new vaccine belief system is forcefully imposed, the deeply rooted, powerful subconscious-fear protection barrier is ruptured; the survival shield disabled; the rigid perceptual frame of reference breached. On a subconscious emotional level, this leaves the parent’s life at risk, causing severe disorientation on the conscious level that will persist until such time that the parent can fully acclimate to the radical new reality—can sufficiently expand the old perceptual frame of reference to fully accommodate the radically new beliefs. This is no easy task.

The difference in “size” between pro- and anti-vaccine beliefs correlates to the magnitude of the subconscious emotional restructuring required to fully incorporate new anti-vaccine beliefs. And the size of the subconscious emotional restructuring, when forcefully imposed, correlates to the amount of emotional distress, the magnitude of psychological trauma, that such people may experience. There would be severe emotional trauma with losing a child in any event, of course, but all the more trauma when a massive new vaccine belief system is also forcefully imposed at the same time. And yet, this is just the beginning of waking up to the problem. The "problem rabbit hole” is deep and everchanging; one could spend a lifetime exploring it. And waking up to the solution is a completely different rabbit hole altogether.

Awakening doesn’t always involve severe psychological trauma, of course, but it does require subconscious emotional restructuring to the extent that the new information lies outside of a person’s perception limits or beliefs. Hiding truth, then, requires keeping it beyond the reach of the perceptions of the manipulation targets, beyond the reach of their conscious intellects. It’s brilliant, effective, and insidious. And we’re all victims of this; it’s only a matter of degree as to any specific issue. One can be wide awake to one issue yet fast asleep to another. Those deep down the “problem rabbit hole” may nevertheless be fast asleep to the solution.

Sadly, even losing a child to a vaccine won’t wake up all parents. Some remain in steadfast denial of the profound truth they’ve experienced. Such parents are not blind or insensitive; they simply have sufficiently rigid perceptions to withstand even this powerful force. Yet, such denial is just another psychological defense mechanism. The level of trauma associated with losing a child, huge as that is, is not nearly as big as that same trauma accompanied by the additional realization that this tragedy was preventable, the entire world has been lied to about vaccines for decades, and we can’t trust medical authorities and the media. Vaccine truth is massive in size and far outside of any well-indoctrinated mind. For some people, the shock of seeing this all at once would be psychologically devastating, due to the massive subconscious emotional restructuring required for them to take it all in. Denial, then, can protect us from severe, disabling, emotional trauma. For this reason, healthy awakening usually consists of an ongoing series of small “digestible” realizations that, over time, provide an ever-greater, ever-clearer picture of reality. One may awaken to a single fact quickly, but awakening to issues takes time.

This explains why attempts to bring a person fully up to speed all at once rarely succeed. We think more information will be more persuasive, but instead of waking up, the person shuts down. But that’s exactly what we should expect. Few people can process that much new, radically different information all at once, as that would require a major perception shift, a powerful overriding of the subconscious survival mechanism that has been covertly rewired to reject our truth. We come away confused, thinking they’re unreasonable or even stupid, when in fact they are just unwittingly protecting themselves. That shutdown is the predictable end-result of the automatic psychological self-protection mechanism, once it's been manipulated. When that mechanism is triggered, no more new information can get in until the “threat” is resolved and that mechanism deactivates.

For this reason, raising awareness is usually more effective when we do just the opposite: Seek only to start people on their own awakening path with a minimum amount of information, as this presents a smaller “threat” that’s less likely to trigger a shutdown. For example, once a person “gets” that we’ve all been lied to—and that realization can come from a single new fact—they’re on their way, as further investigation is compelled by the initial awakening. But each person can only traverse their own awakening path in such manner as their unique psychological makeup will allow. Some will go faster than others. But no one is ever fully awake, anyway. All perceptions are bounded. So, no matter how awake you are, further awakening is always a possibility. The question, then, isn’t “Are you awake?”, but rather, “What level of the dream are you in today?”

So what, then, is this vaccine solution that manipulators allegedly hide from us? The question seems reasonable but is misplaced. It seeks information for a non-information problem. I can’t show you something you can’t see. If I try and you don’t see it, you will exclaim, “I was right—there’s nothing there!” Yet, I will counter with, “I was right, you can’t see it!” And we would each be correct from our respective perceptual frames of reference. But the “nothing there” perception is precisely what we should expect. For manipulation of the aware community to be effective, it must either hide solutions from us altogether, or make them appear as crazy to us as vaccine truths look to pediatricians. It must leave its victims, sleeper and aware alike, believing, “I’m not manipulated” and “I’m too awake and smart to be manipulated,” or we’d all quickly catch on and defeat the manipulation. Ironically, then, manipulation denial may be a symptom of manipulation. If you think you’re not manipulated, you probably are. Such is the insidious nature and power of weaponized psychology. We don’t get to decide whether we are manipulated, as the “decider” is controlled by covert manipulation operating from a completely different invisible part of our psyches. You can’t fix that with analytical reasoning or information alone. A non-intellectual, non-analytical process is required, a shift in perception to break free from this covert manipulation. The conscious intellect must step aside to enable this process to occur. But our rational minds are reluctant to do that, because they insist on continuous control for our own survival. In this way, our conscious minds become the lock that holds the subconscious manipulation firmly in place. This commonly manifests in the form of denial of manipulation, a conscious belief that we are “too awake and too smart for that.”

So yes, pro-vaxxers act out of fear, but so do we. Everyone does, but none of us realize it, because the driving fears are predominantly subconscious, and everyone’s view of reality is logical to them; and “logical” doesn’t need fixing. Our belief that pro-vaxxers are stupid for ignoring our truth reveals our own cognitive dissonance, for we can only see them as inferior to the extent that we are blind to what’s really going on—that they are not stupid or careless for their behavior, but rather, victims of manipulation to which we are all susceptible in one manner or another. Yes, we see more than them, but neither group is inherently inferior intellectually, one is just more awake than the other; and both are unwitting manipulation victims. You don’t usually know you’re dreaming until you wake up from the dream. In the same way, you can’t fully see psychological manipulation until you awaken from it. So, a leap of faith is needed, an open mind willing to explore the possibility. We must reconsider obvious appearances, as manipulated beliefs are indistinguishable from non-manipulated ones. Vaccines look logical to brilliant medical doctors and our activism work looks logical to us. Yet, the world keeps getting sicker and pharma keeps going faster. We’re all clearly missing something. Now you know why.

Reaching solutions requires a change in consciousness, a shift in perception, a non-intellectual/non-analytical process to resolve subconscious emotional barriers. This is an ongoing process, not a single event. But you can start the process with careful scrutiny of outside events. Look beyond reflexive assumptions, question obvious interpretations. Dig beneath surface appearances to discover where we aren’t seeing events clearly, aren't seeing things as they really are. Remember: No one is ever fully awake; there’s always a deeper level of clarity about what’s really going on, no matter how awake you are now. Countless lives hang in the balance, so don’t delay! Our freedom awaits us on the other side.

Stay tuned for further elaboration on this awakening process!
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