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The Vaccine PSYOP

Why We Are Losing the Vaccine War,
and what to do about it

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Last Updated Jan 27, 2019

Are we winning the vaccine war?

1. Are more vaccines still being required and administered? Yes...
2. Are  VAERS reports and VICP payouts still rising? Yes...
3. Are autism rates still rising? Yes...
4. Are gov't and private entities still increasingly denying lawful exemptions (with no accountability)? Yes...
5. Is pro-vaccine rhetoric increasing and getting more aggressive? Yes.
6. Are 100's of vaccine bills still being introduced in dozens of states? Yes...
6. Are vaccine profits still rising? Yes, at a phenomenal rate...

Then we are losing the war!

And we're running out of time, as the foundation is being laid for the enactment of laws prohibiting public criticism of immunizations altogether, in the name of public safety.

But what about...

1. Growing awareness?
2. Medical studies proving vaccine harm/failure?
3. Successful legislative efforts?
4. Successful lawsuits?

These battles must be fought, but they are not slowing down the Vaccine Agenda.

The Vaccine War will NOT be won by a lawsuit, medical study or new law, as these systems are substantially controlled.

What's Missing?

We must address the Vaccine PSYOP (Psychological Operation), the psychological control tactics used to deceive the masses and contain the awakened. This will require ongoing exploration and discussion and applying what we learn.

To Start:

1) Public perception is controlled primarily through mainstream media and educational materials. There are many techniques, but for example:

Negative emotion + false facts = person with passionate belief in a lie.

Negative emotions (e.g., fear, anger) limit and bypass rational thinking, and go directly to the subconscious mind, implanting an anchor there for false facts. Whenever the subject comes up, the anchor is triggered, and the lie asserted with the negative emotion. Not only is truth suppressed, but the victim proactively defends the lie. PSYOP masters create armies of unwitting soldiers who do their masters' bidding--for free.

2) The Awakened--the "controlled opposition"--are contained in other ways. For example: "Disinformation agents" pretend to be on our side and quickly gain and abuse our trust. They use various methods to distract, confuse, mislead, take us on wild goose chases, foster internal conflict to undermine our efforts.

So far, the PSYOP is winning!

How Do We Win?

Expose the corruption by disabling the PSYOP.

Learn to identify the PYSOP and "PSYOP'd" people.

Bottom Line: Everyone has to see for themselves that they've been lied to. This is accomplished with a *minimum* of information--NOT by bringing anyone up to speed on the subject. We have important mail to deliver, but to people who have no mailbox! You can't build anyone else's mailbox for them, but you can inspire them to do so.

Stay tuned, there's more to come!

Part 2

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