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Why We're Losing the Vaccine War, and How to Win
Last Updated April 2, 2019

Vaccine profits are still rising, more vaccines are being given, reported adverse events and VICP payouts are still increasing, and our rights are still increasingly being trampled over and legislated away. We are losing the vaccine war.

We can’t win with a new study, lawsuit or law. Those systems are substantially controlled. Truth from a “radical minority” is no match for the majority of medical doctors, state and federal health agencies, reputable “experts” and “authorities.” We can’t win fighting them head-on. We are profoundly out-gunned, and they “own” the system.

•    To win in the controlled medical and legal systems, we must first neutralize the underlying *control* system.

•    To neutralize the underlying control system, we must expose the corruption.

•    To expose the corruption, we must put a spotlight on it, bright enough for all to see.

•    To put a sufficiently bright spotlight on the corruption, we must *all* speak out. No one person or group can do that. Small numbers speaking out are easily marginalized, framed as radical crazies, etc. So, we must all speak out.

•    For all to speak out, all must all realize that the presumed safety of silence is an illusion, as it creates greater danger in the long term. They depend on our silence! Thus, speaking out is not an option; it is a requirement—for all of us.

If you speak out, you risk attack. But if you remain silent, you guarantee it.

Time is short. We are being systematically shut down. If we don’t all speak out very soon, we lose.

They control us with fear. When we let fear silence us, they win, as they planned. When we speak out despite the fear, they no longer control us, because we’re no longer following their script.

Winning requires that we go off of their script! So far, we haven't done much of that.

Yes, speaking out comes with risks. But as more speak out, the risk goes down, while the visibility of our message goes up.

Time is short. Speak up. Speak out. Call out the corruption.

All of us. Together. Now.

Alan Phillips, J.D., Vaccine Rights Attorney

*Not responsible for anyone else's choice to speak out or remain silent as to any specific situation
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