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FINALLY -- Comprehensive, authoritative information about vaccine exemptions you can trust, from Alan Phillips, J.D., a leading vaccine rights attorney with years of experience helping clients throughout the U.S. legally avoid vaccines in a wide variety of vaccine-refusal settings.

Critical details for parents, students, immigrants, healthcare employees, parents in custody disputes, military personnel and contractors, adoption and other agencies, attorneys and clients--virtually anyone concerned with legally avoiding vaccines in the United States.

Now with new information about employee exemptions, immigration waivers, vaccine custody disputes, international travel, and rights in declared emergencies---from local outbreaks to pandemics!

Warning: People have lost exemption rights by relying on anti-vaccine websites. Even sites from vaccine book authors and alternative medical doctors have misunderstandings. They mean well, but they don't know the law!

This Guide provides and explains:
  • Important background information about the legal system;
  • How state and federal statutes, regulations, constitutions and legal precedent interact to define the boundaries of your legal exemption rights;
  • How to deal with local authorities and to avoid mistakes that cost others
    their exemption;
  • Where legal technicalities and practical reality differ--and what to do about it;
  • When you need an attorney, and why...
*Available as an E-Book Only [pdf format]:
  • over 130 pages formatted for easy
    reading on your computer
  • 149 footnotes
  • 50+ citing references
  • 48 Internet links you can access
    right from the E-Book


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*A terrific reference book you'll
refer to over and over again!

Join readers from all 50 U.S. States, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia;
and the countries of
Argentina, Australia, the Czech Republic, Denmark,  
England, Faroe Islands, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Japan, Maritius,
Netherlands, Niger, Portugal, Singapore, South Africa and South Korea!

[Note: E-book addresses U.S. exemption and waiver law only!]

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top  Unsolicted Feedback:
  • "I personally consider Vaccine Legal Exemptions the legal Bible for informed parents of non-vaccinated children. With so much contradictory advice on the Internet, combined with the very thin line the law allows for vaccine exemptions, this book is exactly what the non-vaccinating parent needs."  
    Josh Day, Health and Beyond
  • "Fabulour book, by the way. Well done!" Michael C. Gaeta, DAc, MS, CDN, Gaeta Communications, Hands-On Health Wholistic Centers, Acupuncture for Veterans, March 2011
  • "Here is a helpful legal guide from attorney Alan Phillips, whose refreshing candor and specialization in vaccine exemption law gives this guide impressive credibility. Written to assist lawyers and lawman alike, the book bring much needed clarity to the field of study." Greg Glasser, Attorney at Law, November 2010
  • "I think it is a wonderful book and a ready and easy source for both lawyer and layman. I especially like the case references. I am more than willing to send out whatever e-mails are needed so that word can spread about this book." Larry Becraft, Leading U.S. Constitutional Attorney, August 2009
  • "I've been at this a long time, sued two educational departments, the State of Hawaii's Department of Health, and even the Federal Government of the United States in federal court. If I had read Attorney Alan Phillips' enlightening, well-written, and expertly referenced book, I would not have made so many costly mistakes."  Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, Leading Authority on the Vaccination Genocide, August 2009
  • "I am very pleased with the [e-book's] content . . . especially on federal and state laws . . I can't wait to get the younger children in bed so I can re-read it . . . God bless you." AJ, April 2009
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